Monday, June 14, 2010

Final Design

Day shot of the meeting place/dining table/elevator. It is located just above the water and the two chairs disconnect and are attached to the elevators.

Day shot of Merkel’ office space. The design represents the power that Merkel has to change and influence our lives. All the smaller frame structures represent Merkel’s tem.

Day view of Kerr’s office space and it represents power, natural beauty and a touch of bling. After all she is a Victoria Secret Supermodel.

Day view of the bridge, showing how the two office spaces are anchors for the bridge which provide stability. If one of the suspension cables would to snap the bridge would tilt to the side, which represents that the two clients are necessary to support the bridge. I have also located Merkel’s office space closer to the bridge which shows that she is slightly more powerful. This is also represented in the bridge with the use of diamond shaped frames which were influenced from Merkel’s design.

Picture showing the lighting in the meeting space. I have used the neutral colour of white on the dining table and lighting to create a calm atmosphere where Kerr and Merkel can talk and discuss ideas.

The use of blue lighting just under the meeting place to represent Merkel’s presence.

The use of pink lighting just under the meeting place to represent Kerr’s presence.

Interior view of Kerr’s office space looking at Merkel’s office.

Stairs to Kerr’s private office space where she can also get dressed and change into costumes.

Exterior night view with a touch of pink inspired by Victoria Secret.

Organic/natural fames attach to suspension cables to support the bridge.

Bridge night shot.

Interior view of Merkel’s private office space.

Interior view of entire office space. Further towards the back is Merkel’s room.
Shot showing suspension cables used to hold the bridge up.
Shot showing the entrance to Merkel’s office, starting from a small opening ad getting larger as u get deeper creates a sense of power and dominance.
Shot showing Merkel’s dominance in the bridge design.