Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday, March 15, 2010

Art Gallery Design

Top: Intersectional, Neo
Bottom: Intersectional, Surpass

Top: Intersectional, Futurism
Bottom: Irrupt, Neo

Top: Irrupt, Surpass
Bottom: Irrupt, Futurism

Top: Separateness, Neo
Bottom: Separateness, Futurism

Top: Separateness, Surpass
Bottom: Surpass,Separateness

Top: Neo, Intersectional
Bottom: Surpass, Intersectional

Top: Futurism, Intersectional
Neo, Irrupt
Top: Surpass, Irrupt
Bottom: Futurism, Irrupt

Top: Neo, Separateness
Bottom: Futurism, Separateness

Bellow is Irrupt followed by Surpass

Monday, March 8, 2010

My Three Images

Piece of Creative Work

Luxury Apartments
This is one of my previous designs prior to my studies at UNSW. Having the freedom to design something like this allowed me to experiment with different materials and finishes, and learn about various construction methods.

Great Piece of Architecture
Frank Lloyd Wright - Falling Water
This piece of architecture designed in 1934 by the famous American Architect Frank Lloyd Wright is an amazing piece of architecture as the designer’s ability to think outside the box and place the building on top of the water fall as a substitute of facing the waterfall. This design inspires me to go one step beyond and out of my comfort zone with the possible outcomes of achieving something spectacular.

Something Beautiful
This picture is beautiful to me as it shows our beautiful harbour as the sun shines through the city skyline. This picture was taken on New Year’s Eve and it is one day I’ll always remember.

Works of Art From Each Client

Ricky Swallow - Staying Behind

Loneliness, Awaiting, Lugubrious

Patricia Piccinini
- Team WAF (Precautions)

Futurism, Surpass, Neo

Richard Goodwin - Poroplastic

Separateness, Irrupt, Intersectional